Personal Training

Bespoke training with industry experts

Mentally and physically your body is different every day. By working privately with a trainer, we are able to adjust each session to how you feel & your individual goals; making the most out of your time in the gym. Our ethos is that every session needs to be engaging, challenging and enjoyable so that you leave physically and mentally refreshed.
Once we understand your goals, we will make sure you reach them in the fastest and safest way possible as well making sure that the training commitment and lifestyle is sustainable.
We offer far more than just generic fitness training. Our PT’s expertise includes nutrition, muscle recovery, yoga, boxing, rehabilitation after injury, post natal and c section recovery, fitness training for children, sports specific training and WBFF fitness pro training.
We know that client – trainer chemistry is as important as the workout itself. Every personal trainer in our experienced team brings a unique energy to the gym. After an initial consultation, we will carefully match you with the best fit!

Prices start from £70 per session.

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