Personal Training

Are you looking for support in your fitness training? Perhaps you’re after some extra motivation and accountability? Or expert guidance in achieving your goals? There are so many benefits to personal training and we’re proud to house some of the top trainers in London.

What do we Offer?

A Bespoke Experience

Every client is different. Your goals, objectives, starting levels and diets are all different – from our perspective, there is a lot that makes you unique.  We work with you as a team and will have you doing sessions with all our coaches.  By mixing up the sessions between coaches, your body will be worked in a variety of styles all with different demands, this 360 approach to training means that you reap greater health and asthetic benefits from your time in the gym.

Our Services

Our personal trainers expertise covers a wide range of areas. As well as fitness training we also offer the following specialities:

Age related training

We believe fitness training is for everyone, medical research has proven that staying active as we get older not only delays the aging process, but also improves our wellbeing and quality of life. Even if you haven’t stepped foot into a gym before or don’t think of yourself as the most capable athlete, we will work with you to give you sessions that you enjoy and that will also radically improve the quality of your everyday life. We know our local Fulham community and pride ourselves on creating fitness programmes that really cater for the needs and wants of our local residents.

Throughout our lives our reasons and goals for fitness training change and so the exercise you partake in has to reflect these changes. Our team of elite trainers use a variety of light to moderate exercises that focus on building strength, aerobic and mobility/ stretching to improve your health and vitality. We design sessions that are as individual as you are.

“Never been to a gym before. Recently signed up for PT sessions – no it doesn’t stand for perpetual torture…the experience has been great. Maybe PT actually stands for potentially toned, pleasingly tired or personal therapy. Thank you Andy.” Angus 2019


Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand, both need to be working in tandem to reap results. Our personal trainers will work with you to develop a balanced and well-rounded diet that will maximize the benefits of your training programme.

Rehab and Recovery

Whether you are recuperating from a sports injury or giving birth, we have specialist recovery and post-natal trainers who will work with you to get you safely back into exercise.


With some of the top boxing trainers in London, we also offer boxing training that amongst many benefits will help to tone and build muscular endurance.

We also provide children’s fitness training, training for specific sports, and WBFF fitness pro training. All of these options will be discussed in your initial consultation so you can make an informed decision on the best type of training and trainer to suit your needs.

Covid Safety

We are taking the health and safety of our community very seriously. If you are apprehensive about returning to the gym then our Personal Training could be for you. Each session is conducted in a private room, with only you and your trainer. We wear face masks in the communal areas and are operating NHS track and trace. At certain times it is likely you will be the only people in the studio (between 10:30am and 6pm) so you can have peace of mind knowing you are training safely. Kit is wiped down after every use and the whole gym is cleaned throughly every night.

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that staying fit is absolutely key during these challenging times for both our physical and mental health.

We are offering PT in the park/ gardens for £50 per hour session, so if you aren’t comfortable in the gym we can come to you.

All of our expert trainers are qualified PTs, in the contact form below, let us know if you have a preference as to who you would like to train with or alternatively, describe your goals and we will match you with the best fitting PT.


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