Fitness Classes Information

We recommend to combine a variety of classes each week to create a tailored fitness programme that keeps working out fun and prevents a slow down in results.


Can you conquer the BEAST? Get ready to have your pulse raised in this HIIT class. A mix of strength and cardio exercises that’ll push you to your limit! The only things guaranteed in this class are a major calorie burn and a serious endorphin high!


A class that teaches you how to MOVE, circuits combining functional movement and cardio. This class will not only make you stronger and leaner but it’ll also improve mobility and suppleness. Expect to still get a good sweat on!

SAS: Lift

Strength and Skill (SAS) is our weights based class that’s open to all abilities. A total body workout to tone and condition. Learn to lift under the guidance of our experts and watch your technique improve week on week.

BOX: HIIT & Boxing

Burn hard and HIIT hard.  Incorporating quick fire rounds of boxing, strength and explosive based stations, this class is fast paced and varied.  Expect to be pushed to your limit and see your fitness improve FAST.

VERSA: Climb

Our cutting-edge VERSA class! This class provides one efficient workout as the Versaclimber is proven to burn more calories than any other cardio equipment. A full body HIIT session working on and off the VERSA.


This class is one of a kind! A full body burn combining VERSA climb cardio, boxing and strength work. Get ready to build your strength and stamina!

YOGA: Stretch

A Vinyasa style class to bring controlled flows, calm movements and build strong, flexible bodies. Conscious flowing movements to challenge your body and bring it into alignment, leaving you feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

MUM AND BABY: Pre & Post Natal

Perfect for new mums (up to 1 year) and mums-to-be. Expect a circuit style workout with various options for all abilities and exercises that allow you to hold/ sling carry a baby. We keep things fresh with a different workout each class.


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