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5 Tips for your first class

5 TIPS FOR YOUR FIRST BODY SOCIETY CLASS 1. ARRIVE EARLY As we are a small studio, we usually spot new faces, so we will always come to say hi and try to put you at ease! Arriving early means we can spend some extra time with you explaining how the class works and going..

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7 Reasons to love the Versa Climber

Here at Body Society we LOVE the Versa Climber! We’re not alone, this piece of kit is a favourite of LeBron James, Jennifer Aniston, James Haskell & Ranulph Fiennes to name a few! SO why should you incorporate it into your workout? 1. IT WORKS YOUR FULL BODY The Versa Climber utilises one of our..

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Why work out on the Versa Climber?

WHY SHOULD YOU WORK OUT ON THE VERSA CLIMBER? The Versa Climber is gaining a long list of celebrity and athletic clientele, including Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Aniston, Lady GaGa, Peyton Manning and Mike Trout. Why are we seeing this rise in popularity? And more importantly to you – why do we offer it..

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