The Benefits of Boxing

If you’re looking to add something new into your routine, then boxing might be just the thing for you! Boxing has many benefits, it improves endurance, muscle tone and it’s an excellent HIIT workout!

What is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. A cardio workout that focuses on intense short periods of cardio and strength training, alternating with less intense periods for recovery. The rounds are quick which mean you can get all the benefits of an intense workout in much less time.

How does Boxing fit this type of workout?

Boxing is able to offer cardio, calorie-burning, strength training, and even stress-reducing benefits, all of which can be done in short bursts.

All of our BOX classes are structured around short bursts of punching (either bags or pads), followed by short active recovery periods. This means you get all the benefits of a HIIT workout.

Other boxing benefits:

Boxing isn’t just a great HIIT workout; there are loads of additional benefits as well. Boxing is known as a massive calorie burner, so if one of your goals is weight loss, this could be the class for you. You can burn up to 13 calories per minute!

Boxing is also a great way to tone. It can sculpt all your muscles – both in the upper and lower body. Some of the main areas it works are the core, shoulders, and back.

Lastly, boxing helps to improve your balance and coordination, something that everyone can benefit from.

Boxing is an extremely effective workout, we’re proud to house some of London’s top boxing trainers. We welcome all ages & abilities and boxing gloves are provided.

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