Why track your heart rate during exercise?

We have recently launched MYZONE heart rate monitors in the studio and they’ve been a big success! So why should you use one?

6 Benefits of using MYZONE:

1. Measuring your heart rate is a perfect and objective way to check the intensity of your workout and compare your effort between multiple sessions. It’s telling you much more about the effectiveness of you workout than simply class type or length of workout.

2. Combining heart rate monitoring with your level of perceived effort is a great tool as it allows you to intensify or slow down your workout to find the right exercise intensity to reach your goals.

3. Exercise safely. Feedback from heart rate monitors can help prevent you from exercising too hard in a single session (and thus burning yourself out for several days) and from over training in general. A heart rate that is higher than you expect it to be before, during or after a workout can be a signal your body needs more rest. Once you know your ideal heart rate to reach your goals, you make sure you stay within the correct zone.

4. By tracking your heart rate using a belt, you get an accurate measurement of calories burned. Any other calorie burn trackers (such as watches or cardio machines) are not as accurate.

5. Motivation. The app tells you if you haven’t hit the government recommendation for activity or your own personal goals.

6. Track your progress. The MYZONE app stores and displays all your workouts so you can easily compare & measure progress.

Different workout intensities produce different effects on your body. Depending on your goal, you should aim to have the majority of your workout falling within the zone that compliments your goals. MYZONE automatically calculates your ideal heart rate based upon the metrics you enter at the start.

50 – 60% zone – Moderate Fat burning zone. This zone is perfect for improving your general health and preparing you for the next steps in your workout plan.

60 – 70% zone – Fat Burning zone. This zone uses fat for energy, so help with weight loss and improves energy.

70 – 80% Cardio zone – Perfect for those more experienced as it improves strength, endurance and cardio vascular fitness. In this zone you burn 50% carbs and 50% fat.

80 – 90% Sugar Zone – This zone burns mainly sugars and is great for improving speed, endurance and strength.

90 – 100% – Only to be performed in short bursts, training in this zone helps to push endurance and strength to the limit.

Have you tried MYZONE yet? Ask at reception or email info@bodysociety.co.uk if you’d like to purchase a belt.