Why work out on the Versa Climber?


The Versa Climber is gaining a long list of celebrity and athletic clientele, including Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Aniston, Lady GaGa, Peyton Manning and Mike Trout. Why are we seeing this rise in popularity? And more importantly to you – why do we offer it as part of our Body Society timetable?

Whilst the Versa Climber is a growing fitness trend, the machine itself is actually decades old. It has a simple concept – to mimic the natural motion of climbing.

To use the machine, you get into an upright position by inserting your feet into the foot straps on the pedals and grabbing the handles. From here a number of variables can be tweaked, including handle height, stroke length and resistance. The longer the stroke length – the more range of motion you’re covering and thus the more muscles you are going to recruit.

The Versa Climber can be used for both strength & cardio workouts. A higher resistance makes the Versa Climber a more slow paced strength building machine, whereas minimal resistance makes it more cardio focused. The Versa Climber forces your entire body to work together which makes it one seriously effective workout for the full body.

More reasons to love the Versa Climber? It’s very low impact. Since you’re not actually driving off a surface like you would on a Treadmill, the pounding on joints is virtually zero. This allows you to stay in great cardio shape without putting unnecessary pressure on weak joints. Studies by Men’s Health have shown Versa Climber classes to burn 22.3 calories per minute, while popular cycling, treadmill and rowing classes burn between 13 – 14 calories per minute. Quite simply, the Versa Climber gets your heart rate up fast and allows for more efficient, butt kicking cardio workouts!

What are you waiting for? Book into one of our cutting-edge VERSA or Climb To The Beat classes to try it out for yourself!